Sump Tank construction in your house

Generally, Water storage Sump will be the one which will be constructed first in the construction process. Water being the main ingredient in the construction process and for household purpose in future we always emphasize first on sump construction.

As a thumb rule, always assess the number of residents or residential units you are planning to construct. You can do that as a layman too, even if you donot have a floor plan design yet.
sump size should be directly proportional to the number of houses you are constructing in site and water availability. Ref the image below.Approximately 135 ltrs required per person for an average household consumption.


Considering family members of four approximately 540-600 ltrs required per day. Its always advisable to store water for atleast for a week to ten days. Accordingly storage of 4000 to 6000 ltrs should be sufficient if you are constructing a residential space. (water consumption is subjective and approximations are based on general assumptions)

How to find Sump tank capacity OR How many liters you can store in your tank/sump?

  1. To estimate your sump tank capacity first you need to have length, width and depth of  your sump/tank in feet
  2. Multiply the length, width and depth of the proposed sump tank to estimate cubic area of your sump/tank
  3. 1cft or 1 cube feet area (1′ length * 1′ width * 1′ height) can store upto 28.32 ltrs of water.
  4. Now, multiply your sump cubic area with 28.32 and you will get your sump/tank water storage capacity in liters
  5. Above formula will work only if your tank shape is in rectangle or square.
  6. If at all there are different shapes then find out total area in cubic feet and  multiply with 28.32 which will result number of liters

Tips for sump construction

  1. Stored water pressure would be more usually on the edges of the tank. Avoid constructing sump/tank corners with 90 degrees, its not a room.
  2. Its always advisable to have edges in a curved shape, the water pressure will be diverted to a larger area.
  3. Insist on using  iron mesh during plastering of sump area avoid cracks and seepages.
  4. Never plater sump area with breaks/multiple intervals, to avoid patches between plastered areas. Its always advisable to finish plastering of sump area in one single day.
  5. Ensure you use only good quality bricks for sump construction.
  6. Sump should always easily accessible from the road entrance so that it can be accessed easily when you purchase water from external vendors.
  7. You could also connect a 3″ pipe connection to the sump from outside. So that external vendors/tankers can supply water without reaching out your sump physically. They could just connect the external pipe.

For more information on types of sump construction and more tips on house construction you could reach out to us on or write to us at


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