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Borewell Water Source Point for house construction

Availability of water is the most important element before you start constructing your dream house. Entire construction process depends on […]

Bricks v/s Blocks for your house

A brick is building material used to make walls, pavements and other elements in masonry construction (Wikipedia). They are the […]

Sump Tank construction in your house

    Generally, Water storage Sump will be the one which will be constructed first in the construction process. Water […]

How to read Building Foundation Plans

Ever had an issue with understanding building foundation plans? Check this video. For any construction queries/information, please don’t forget to […]

Compound Wall for safeguarding your property

A compound wall serves to demarcate your property, protect one’s area of property, ensure privacy required and enhance aesthetic appeal of the […]

House Construction Cost in Bangalore

  In a city like Bangalore, independent Houses like Ground plus 2 or Ground plus 3 (G + 2, G […]

How to Build a Modular Kitchen

Things to consider while you Build a Modular Kitchen   1. Style or design of Modular Kitchens   Modular kitchen […]

Detailed Contract is always better

While you are making an agreement with a contractor, some detailed points and specification should be written in the agreement. […]

Make sure you sign a contract with the contractor

After you have collected the rates from,  select the contractor keeping in mind the cost, time to be taken, quality of work and the […]

Hire Right Contractor

When you intend to get the construction work on through-rate-basis done by the contractor who has own labor and materials, […]